Our Team

Megan Betancourt


 Megan Betancourt has a deep respect and passion for her community and environment. For years, she has been working diligently to spread awareness about the dangers of plastic pollution in our oceans. The ocean plays an essential role for life on earth. Pollution does not only affect marine life and their environment, it also affects mankind. She founded Coastal Community Cleanup early January, 2018. Residing in Fort Walton Beach, Florida Megan feels it’s her duty to protect marine life and their environment while also educating her community on the dangers and affects ocean pollution has on human health. Her purpose is to bring her community together along the Gulf Coast to not only pick up debris, but also share information on how each and every person can reduce waste in their personal lives. Megan understands the importance of community. “Together we can make a difference.” 

JoVonna Zuppa


 From a young age, JoVonna has been inspired to live a sustainable life style. Like Megan, she has always called the Emerald Coast her home, and feels a deep connection to its environment that drives her to protect and preserve it. When she heard about the CCC, she knew she had plenty to offer. She is grateful for the opportunity and outlet to contribute to our cause, and will continue to do all she can for our wildlife and community.  

Crystal Weatherly


 Crystal Weatherly is a native of Fort Walton Beach, FL, and has lived half her life underwater. She has many treasured memories of time spent at the beach so, naturally, she learned from a very young age to respect the waters and the wild life that share the space. Now having two children of her own, it has become a passion to help create awareness and teach conscious ways of living in order to create more memories. When she heard about CCC, she knew she had a beautiful opportunity to connect with a group of like-minded people willing to initiate real change for the community. As the owner and operator of Emerald Coast Cleaning Professionals, an environmentally conscious cleaning service, Crystal also uses her role as a local business owner to spread awareness on ways to live a cleaner and more sustainable lifestyle.


Hannah Hawes


 Hannah Hawes has always felt a connection with our environment and natural world. Hailing from Alabama, she has always been one to appreciate, respect, protect and heal our great Earth and all of its resources. Sustainability, healing and bringing the community together are among her passions and talents and being apart of Coastal Community Cleanup allows her to accomplishes all of these things. Spreading knowledge and awareness and leading by example are the most proactive ways to begin restoring our home to its natural, fruitful balance. She focuses on being the change she hopes to see in the world and hopes to inspire others to do the same.